TRAILER ALERT: Here’s A First Look At M.Sayibu’s “SLUMBER PARTY”


For a while now we’ve been seeing behind the scenes photos and snippets from an upcoming project from Director M.Sayibu known for the noir styled action film The Northern King from earlier this year (see our review for it here). And we have reason to be excited about it.

In Slumber Party, a college party takes the wrong turn when a killer appears after dark. And the party revelers have to find a way to survive the night as they try to figure out who is behind the murders.

The film stars a host of young casts which includes SEG Cineland’s finest of talents, Kelvin Funkeye, Tony Wale, Sultan Quaye and Zaaki appearing alongside veteran actor David Dontoh, Vincent E. McCauley  and Johnny B Hartman.

In a conversation with the former U. S. Airman now film maker, M. Sayibu described Slumber Party as Project X meets Halloween. If you are familiar with both references then I am sure you get the picture, if not then take a look at the trailer below and get ready for the ride.

Slumber Party is expected to be released on 4th December just in time for the Christmas Holidays. We would do well to keep poster with screening times and also furnish you with our extensive objective review and rating once its released.

If you are fan of slasher films and the horror genre this one is definitely for you.

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